Train With Confidence During Our Women's Jiu Jitsu Classes

You don’t have to feel intimidated when you go to the gym. At Central Coast Jiu-Jitsu Academy, we know you can’t truly get the most out of a workout if you’re uncomfortable or second guessing yourself. Leave those worries behind and take on a self-defense training system designed specifically to meet the needs of Women in Mobile County with our Women’s Only Jiu-Jitsu Classes.

Prepare for the many real world threats that women face and build muscle while getting in killer shape with this one-of-a-kind class

Never Fear For Your Safety Again With Women's Only Jiu-Jitsu Training

We’re here to help you stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world and we know that women face unique threats that simply cannot be ignored. Prepare yourself and your body to stay protected at all times. Our Women’s Only Jiu-Jitsu Classes will give you a vital set of skills and strategies to do just that.

Learn how to:

*Takedown an attacker from any angle

* Counter strikes and attempts to subdue

* Complete lifesaving locks or chokes

* React in real-time without hesitation

PLUS You'll See Some Serious Results With Women's Only Jiu-Jitsu

Because we push you each and every class to learn new techniques and perfect them through repetition and practice, you’ll be getting stronger and more fit every time you enter the gym. Forget traditional cardio programs and static weight lifting. Build an explosive, practical strength at Central Coast and show off your new skills whenever you get the chance.

You'll see benefits like:

* Hundreds of calories burned every session

* Lean, toned muscles across your entire body

* Increased flexibility and agility

* Boosted energy levels in your daily life

Make The Move Today - Sign Up For Women's Only Jiu-Jitsu Now

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of the best Women’s Only Jiu-Jitsu training in Mobile, Alabama today. To get started now or to learn more about the many classes we offer at RGABJJ Academy, simply fill out the short form on your screen and we’ll take it from there!


Renzo Gracie Alabama was established in 2019 in Mobile, Alabama by Renzo Gracie black belt Robert Descailleaux. Robert started training martial arts since he was 10 years old. After reaching his 3rd. degree black belt he decided to move south and start a new journey with his new Academy and wonderful students. 


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